Probably the best band in the world, ever.


I Love This EP 

In Stereo 

featuring “My Girl” 

Anxiety Chain
Flower Doom
Fanta Cubed
The Evil Gamblor
Floral Revenge


Number 9…

The Tenth Session
Bad Cut

The Eleventh Session
Brown Ballerina

The Twelfth Session
Mushroom Studios

The Thirteenth Session
The Eyes

The Fourteenth Session
Billy Kranks

The Fifteenth Session

The Sixteenth Session
Revenge Of The Mushroom


21st November 2015: We return to Mushroom Studios after 7 years for the 16th session. Cooler, damper and mustier this time round, and that’s just the room.

1st December 2012: The band get together in South London to help with Shaun’s sofa crisis and knock out yet more magic tunes.

24 September 2011: After nearly 3 long years in the musical wilderness, Wrist Action find their new sound in Petts Wood.

1 November 2008: Back to Pete’s Lounge for the Thirteenth Session, where the band recaptured their original lo-fi mono sound.

5 July 2008: Mushroom Studios, Rayleigh was the setting for the influential Twelfth Session.

27 October 2007: The band reunited for the 11th time and laid down some more classic tracks.

23 March 2005: All tracks from the Tenth Session are now available for download.

14 March 2005: “Wish You Were Here” added to the 10th session page.

13 March 2005: Yesterday Wrist Action had their 10th session! Some of the tracks are already available for download, click here to access them. Check back soon for the rest!

26 February 2005: The Wrist Action site is back with a new design! The band are rumoured to be getting together some time this March to record some new tracks. Watch this space…

1 November 2004: At the weekend we got together and recorded the groundbreaking Lounge Session.

10 July 2004: Session number eight now available for your listening pleasure!

2 May 2004: Yesterday Wrist Action got together and recorded an entire album. Listen to it here.

8 March 2004: Wrist Action’s greatest work so far, the legendary Sixth Session, is now available for download.

29 November 2003: The track “F***in’ Irish Music” has been mixed and can now be downloaded from our fifth session page!

23 November 2003: Recordings and photos from our fifth session are now available! One track is still being mixed, so check back in a few days’ time. Also you can now download Pete’s demo of Death Run. In other news, webmaster Shauny is working on a new design for the site. Please email him with any suggestions, lyrics, etc. you think should be on here!

22 November 2003: Wrist Action have their next recording / Brush session today! Look out for some more tracks in the next few days.

21 November 2003: The site is back up after a brief technical glitch. We now have tons more storage space on our new web server so any files previously unavailable are now back.

9 October 2003: Read the lyrics to My Girl, listen to Adam’s mix of Anxiety Chain
and his latest rave anthem “Chocolate Covered Spank Waggon”

31 August 2003: Site updated with recordings from our fourth session, plus a previously unheard version of one of our first tracks!

10 August 2003: Wrist Action recorded their third session last Friday.
Click here to download the new tracks, music video and photos!

7 May 2003: Confirmed: Wrist Action are playing at PeteFest 2003!
Also Adam has created a site hosting some of his dance tracks.

1 Oct 2002: New tracks from our last session now available for download!

28 Sep 2002: We get together for our second recording session.

11 Sep 2002: Bonus out-takes track now available!

9 Sep 2002: Website launched.

7 Sep 2002: Wrist Action record their first EP.